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COP28 Blog post

The agreement reached at COP28 this week, calling on countries to transition away from fossil fuels in energy systems in a just, orderly and equitable manner, is a historic marker, signalling the end of the era of fossil fuels and the beginning of the age of renewables.

Renewables and their unstoppable power to bring prosperity and a clean future bookended the COP28 proceedings.

The groundbreaking pledge made by 130 countries at the opening of the COP to treble renewable energy production by 2030 was further consolidated in a global goal in the Global Stocktake in the closing hours of the international conference of leaders.

ReNew2030 is proud to have contributed to this pivotal moment by supporting partners around the world to address the barriers and levers that affect the rapid and equitable scaling up of wind and solar power.

At COP28 we saw civil society organisations from around the world holding firm on the need for an equitable, well financed, fair transition. We saw the renewables industry come together in force calling for 3x renewable energy by 2030 – exemplified by the leadership of the Global Renewables Alliance team. And we saw philanthropy and the regional climate foundations coming together with the ReNew2030 international partners with a clear message in support of the renewables goal.

ReNew2030 will continue to work with partners on the ground through the regional climate foundations and international partners to turn this historic goal into real projects that meet the needs of communities around the world.

ReNew2030 team interviewed live on We Don’t Have Time

Rebecca Collyer and Luisa Sierra Brozon of ReNew2030 and ReNew’s Mexican partner ICM were interviewed by We Don’t Have Time, the climate change social network and review platform.



With Luisa Sierra Brozon of ICM (Mexico)

On the famous green sofa of the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue

With Maria Mendiluce CEO of We Mean Business

With Saliem Fakir CEO of African Climate Foundation

With YongPing Zhang from EF China

Drive Electric Campaign and ReNew2030 join forces to supercharge the transition to renewable energy and electric transportation

New partnership centers on the role of electrification and critical raw materials to scale a climate-secure and just energy transition in transport and energy

Drive Electric Campaign and ReNew2030 join forces to supercharge the transition to renewable energy and electric transportation

New partnership centers on the role of electrification and critical raw materials to scale a climate-secure and just energy transition in transport and energy

SAN FRANCISCO and THE HAGUE – November 27, 2023 – Today, the Drive Electric Campaign and ReNew2030 announced a partnership to support an accelerated just transition to clean energy and electric transportation. Their shared, people centered vision of an electrified future works to shape responsible and circular mineral supply chains and advance the economic co-benefits of job creation and green industrial development in the renewable and auto sectors. The partnership brings together hundreds of partners working in dozens of countries to advance renewable energy and all forms of zero-emission transport.

Drive Electric and ReNew2030 are both recipients of the TED Audacious Project, a collaborative funding initiative that catalyzes social impact on a grand scale and encourages the world’s greatest changemakers to dream bigger.

Rebecca Collyer, Executive Director of ReNew2030, said, “We have a limited window to act and a huge opportunity to grow renewable energy exponentially. Underpinning the growth in solar, wind and grids that we hope for will be the sustainable use of critical raw materials. A just energy transition is paramount for a livable future, and coordinating efforts with the Drive Electric Campaign will yield a deeper understanding of the barriers and solutions to an electrified future.”

The partnership supports an accelerated expansion of clean technologies to phase out polluting fossil fuels in two high-emitting industries. Electrifying the road transport sector including cars, trucks, buses, and two- & three-wheelers could eliminate over 160 gigatons of carbon pollution cumulatively through 2060 while saving lives and improving livelihoods. Renewable power such as wind, solar, and battery storage can help decarbonize the power sector rapidly by 2030 and will address the sector’s outsized emissions.

“Reaching our goals for a safe climate will require a massive buildout of both renewable energy and an accelerated transition to electric road transportation,” said Rebecca Fisher, Drive Electric Campaign Director. “Our partnership with ReNew2030 is inspired by the opportunity to transition our energy and road transport sectors by ensuring emerging economies have access to clean, zero-emission power and vehicles of all types – and can leapfrog over dirty combustion as economies and populations expand in the coming years.”

Our collaboration recognizes that the energy transition needs to center responsibility, accountability, and justice as we work towards a climate-safe future. To this end, the Drive Electric Campaign and ReNew2030 will work with the ClimateWorks Foundation’s Minerals for the Energy Transition initiative to help shape the growing mineral supply chain for clean energy technologies and support value addition and benefits to communities and mineral-rich countries.

Opportunities for collaboration include joint energy transition projects, and research publications with a particular focus on electrification and transition minerals. Coordinating efforts also maximize benefits to people and livelihoods:

  • Expanding the percentage of renewable energy on the grid further enhances the environmental benefits of electrifying transport.
  • Shaping and improving mineral supply chains and extraction for clean technologies can further secure the environmental and social benefits of the energy transition.
  • Increasing the number of electric vehicles on the grid and investing in vehicle-grid-integration (VGI) can enable higher levels of renewable generation and improve grid resiliency, reliability, and affordability.
  • Building out mini- or off-grid renewables coupled with electric vehicle fleets can bring power to previously underserved communities.

About the Drive Electric Campaign

The Drive Electric Campaign is an ambitious, philanthropy-powered global initiative to achieve a global tipping point leading to end the polluting tailpipe and accelerate the transition to 100% sales of zero-emission electric cars, trucks, buses, and 2 & 3 wheelers for the benefit of health, climate, and the economy.

About ReNew2030

ReNew2030 is a global coalition of experts, civil society, and philanthropic organizations working toward a first, fast, fair energy transition by mobilizing key actors across: government, business, and communities around the world. Our goal for 2030 is to increase global wind and solar capacity x5 in the countries responsible for over 80% of the power sector emissions to improve energy security, create new jobs and deliver health, climate and economic benefits.